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Type Tool
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr2,000
Size 220.0 mm long
Weight 500.0 grams

The Match uses an electrical current from the batteries in the unit causes a thermal buildup in the focusing element, using comparatively little energy to create a micro fine point of intense heat. This device is extremely energy efficient.

A match is slightly larger than a standard screwdriver, and of roughly the same shape. It has a blunt, thick handle and a protruding point. When its blunt end is twisted clockwise, its point glows white-hot and is capable of cutting through most materials. The user's hand is protected from the heat by an insulating coating on the device, although a glove should be worn to keep the user from being scorched by whatever material he is cutting. It is capable of 30 seconds total cumulative use before its filament burns out.

Filaments are disposable and are sold in packs of five spikes for Cr300. The handle, which houses the batteries must be recharged after 30 seconds of use. The unit costs Cr2,000

It was originally developed as a cutting tool by research engineer at Ling-Standard Metals and it has seen a variety of uses, most notably (unfortunately) as a burglar's implement. Its size makes it quite handy, as it is portable enough to carry in a pocket, yet powerful enough to burn a hole in the hardest metals. To achieve this effect, it utilizes a pinhead-sized superconductor filament, connected to a ceramic focusing element.

Because it is often used as a burglar's tool, a match cannot usually be obtained on high law level worlds.

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