Laurence (Prince of Caledon)

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Sovereign Prince: Laurence I
Sovereign Prince of Principality of Caledon
Born 40
Ascended 74
Died 128
Preceeded by Bruce II
Succeeded by Roger III

Laurence Todd Douglass, son of John III and Lady Mary, Duchess of Glenmorangie.

Where John III was competent but ruthless, and Bruce II was detached and uninvolved in his monarchy, Laurence I gave every effort, but is regarded today as toxically incompetent.

His reign was marked by wild, seemingly incoherent swings in policy, alienating his political and personal support (including Lady Amanda Humphey, mistress to both his brother and he); Humphrey had manipulated Laurence's older brother, and started to do the same with Laurence; his reaction, pushing her away from the decision making process, mobilized her many contacts against Laurence. He abdicated after five years, in 79 - the result of a bloodless palace coup instigated by Humprey and Regent George Smith, leaving the throne to his half brother Roger.

He spent the rest of his life puttering about the family estate in County Cromarty, on Caledon.

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