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Larmism is the official religion of Larmige (Dagudashaag 2709), named for its founder Makkhii Larm.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

It is unusual, though far from unique, in that it is pro-science. The foundation is simple: the belief that God and the Universe are one and the same; in every plant, animal, or grain of sand is a fragment of God. It therefore follows the more one learns about the Universe, the more one learns about God, and the closer one comes to Enlightenment.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The religious hierarchy also serves the functions of government. The ruler of Larmige, the Larmess, is head of both the Church of Larmism and and the government of Larmige. She is keeper of the book of Larm, which serves as both holy book and constitution.

A strict caste system is observed. Below the Larmess are several grades of priest who also serve as government officials. At the bottom are Citizens. Caste determines allowed clothing color with the Larmess wearing white and lower classes wearing progressively darker shades. Many interactions, including marriage, are only permitted between people of the same caste.

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