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Kassandritus is a disease caused by micro-organism found airborne on the planet Kassandra (Dagudashaag 3208). The micro-organisms attack the human repository system, attached to the lung tissue then spread throughout the whole body.

The first symptoms are a lack of energy and forgetfulness, leading to a complete lack of mobility and eventual senility, before the victim slowly slips unconsciousness and death. The whole process takes between two and ten days depending upon the initial infection volume and overall fitness of the victim.

There is no universal treatment for Kassandritus. The micro-organisms, once in the body spread at an alarming speed. Various cures have been formulated, but with only limited success.

The problem is the micro-organism are undergoing an extraordinary metamorphosis period, and have been for the past 150 or so years.

There is a full time genetic science team based on Kassandra from the University of Nimlakim working on a cure for the disease. Recent findings have been promising, but further long term work is required before an working antidote is ready for trials. The more pessimistic researchers warn that the constantly mutating micro-organisms may produce another equally deadly and incurable plague.

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