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Jacent Tracked Tank (TECH LEVEL A)[edit]

Serving with the Jacent Resistance Forces, small numbers of these vehicles can be operated inexpensively to disrupt occupational forces attempting to garrison the planet. They are not intended to stand toe to toe with modern Grav tanks. They are not sealed and offer no life support, trusting to the breathable atmosphere of their planet of origin. A variant with a bigger power plant and larger main gun is being discussed for development.

This tiny tracked vehicle has a crew of three (driver, gunner, commander) and is built on Jacent (FH 2331) (world). It mounts a LMG in a fully stabilized pintel mount with a gun-shield on top of the turret.
Vehicle Dimensions: height: 1.74 m (+1 m turret) :width: 2.62 m length: 5.84 m.
Total usable volume: 13.547937 m3
Total mass loaded: 37 metric tons
Production Cost: Cr. 130,529.43
Movement: Road, 95kph/79cm; Cross Country 57kph/47.5cm.
Movement effect on fire: None
Armor: Chassis and turret front 39, turret rear 37, turret sides 34, chassis sides 33, chassis rear 31, chassis belly and deck 26.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, +0 high
Equipment: 100 power radio; full weapon stabilization; 8 smoke dischargers. (8.219615 m3 waste space)
Power: 0.6 megawatt MHD turbine power plant consumes 180 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 729.486 liters, enough for 4 hours. Ground pressure is 6.3356164 tons/m2 and the power to weight ratio is 16.
Weapons: The light machine gun has storage for 1,600 rounds (included in the price), enough for 20 fire phases. It may engage 2 targets and has a +2 signature. Its direct fire characteristics:
Effective Long Extreme
35(3)+4 70(2)+2 100(2)+2
The turret mounts a stabilized 7.5 cm high velocity CPR gun with TL 9 direct fire control. Ammo masses 12 kg and there is storage for 90 main gun rounds. The weapon can engage one target when it fires, and it has a +2 signature. A full load of KEAP is included in the price. Its direct fire characteristics are:
Effective Long Extreme
2.5km 3.5km 5km
3km 4km 5.5km w/ KEAP
Rounds available include:
HE 16/2/3 Cr. 48
HEAP 36 Cr. 72
KEAP 32/29/26 Cr. 48
KEAPER 30/27/24 Cr. 52.8
Flechette 3 +5 15cm Cr. 240
Vehicle 8
Electronics 7
Weapons 2
Suspension: 2
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