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Imagine (printed under the long title Imagine: Adventure Game Magazine) was a monthly magazine published by TSR UK Limited between 1983 and 1985. Although primarily focused on supporting TSR games, the magazine contained several articles with Traveller content.

Traveller Articles in Imagine Magazine[edit]

This is a list of articles specific or applicable to Traveller in the 30 issues of Imagine, along with their issue number.

Imagine Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Date Page Remarks
The Highest Wisdom: Scientists in Traveller Marcus L. Rowland Issue 18 September 1984 20-23 An alternative to the career as described in Supplement 4, including the Hartnung Trust, a new organization; the Calypso class research vessel, and three short scenarios in the style of 76 Patrons.
Uncharted Stars Paul Vernon Issue 19 October 1984 42-43 An alternate method for detailing stellar hexes.
Posted Missing - Amber Zone Paul Vernon Issue 19 October 1984 44-45 An amber zone set in Regina Subsector, with deckplans for the Roxanne Oberlindes, a Type M Merchant.
The Sarafand File Paul Vernon and Sean Masterson Issue 29 August 1985 25-32 An adventure statted for both the Traveller and Star Frontiers games. Includes details on the 800 ton Sarafand class exploration ship and the TL13 Cartographical Service G-Carrier.