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Heveka Cargo Loader
This vehicle was first created using Mongoose Traveller Second Edition rules. Vehicle stats are presented below, with consent of the author.

Heveka Cargo Loader
Light walker vehicle
TL: 13
Skill: Drive (walker)
Agility: +4
Speed (Cruise): Medium (Slow)
Range (Cruise): 150 (225)
Crew: 0
Passengers: 0
Cargo: 0
Hull: 32
Shipping: 16 tons
Cost: Cr628,000
Armour: 4 (front, rear, and sides)

Equipment and Weapons:
Superheavy crane
Advanced controls
Advanced sensors
Computer/4 (is also a communications system)
Software: Security/2, Intelligent Interface/1, Expert (Admin)/1, Expert (Advocate)/1 (only one of the Experts is running at a time)


Actuation for remote control
Reduced Speed
3 x Reduced Range

A Heveka is designed to operate off-road, and thus suffers no penalties to move off-road unless crossing Rough terrain.