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The Ghost Fleet is the name given to the recorded phenomenon of historical transponder readings being received by current day shipping.

  • Many regard it as a kind of Anomaly.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The transponder signals have been corroborated as genuine and, to date, no logical explanation has been forthcoming as to their origin. In each case the signals have been from ships lost during the Pact Empire.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Until 1110 the triangle of space created by Medurma, Dipa and Nexus was not even legend. Then on 12-1110 a merchant vessel, the Dawn Trader, filed a report with the Medurman University. While preparing to Jump out of the Dipa system the navigator spotted a bright reflection in space. Instantly he leapt to the controls as he knew that such a reflection could only come from a ship, yet all his sensors showed clear space. Thinking his equipment had malfunctioned, he radioed his position to the ship. There was no reply. He admits his next thought was that it had to be a pirate but, seconds later, he received a transponder transmission. The ship then vanished.

On analysis, the transponder reading proved to have originated on a Medurman Pact ship which vanished in -35. The whole exchange was recorded. The Dawn Trader's sensors were in full working order. There was no ship. Yet the recorder dearly received the phantom transmission.

Over the next two years, three other incidents occurred. In each case crew members (and in one well-documented case, the entire crew and passengers) swear they saw what had to be a starship, yet nothing showed on any sensor. Moments later a phantom transponder transmission is recorded. Each time a different ship. Each is of a Pact naval vessel lost between -100 and -25. Each was recorded destroyed while in either the Medurma, Dipa or Nexus systems.

No solid explanation for transmissions or the ships has been put forth. The Triangle remains another unsolved mystery.

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