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Garoo Republic: Former small polity formed by Garoo (Spinward Marches 0130) in the early Civil War period.

Garoo was settled about the same time that Darrian (Spinward Marches 0627) was reached by the Izmir Corporation, and bad blood has existed with the Darrian Confederation stemming from its attempts to annex the world during its Golden Age.

The Darrian Renaissance that resulted from the Fifth Frontier War, and the weakening of Imperial control over the Confederation just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, concerned Garoo so much that it formed a military junta, and annexed its old colony of Uniqua (Spinward Marches 0129) in 1116.

Escalating tensions with the Darrians came to a boil after the announcement of the Quarantine, and Republic forces invaded Kardin (Spinward Marches 0429), Bularia (Spinward Marches 0430) and Dorannia (Spinward Marches 0530) after these worlds were illegally annexed by the Confederacy in 1132.

The resulting Garoo War cost Garoo a large part of their military, and forced it to become a Regency Client State. The war did force the Regency to scotch further Darrian territorial ambitions, and accelerated the expansion of its area of responsibility into trailing Foreven Sector.

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