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Notes (2008)[edit]

Thomas, you've undone a batch of articles where I hid the New Era information that dealt with concepts that did not exist in the Classic Era, I tried to deal with that by indicating that if you did search on those terms in the Classic Era (our default assumption) you'd get a 'No result'.

It would have been nice if you had explained why you changed it back. I assume it's because you feel that adding the New Era category would solve the problem. But it doesn't, because the article still shows up in other categories (Like, for instance, the alphabetical listings).

The overall concept of this wiki is still that the basic articles should be written to approximate what an ordinary character in the late Classic Era would read, isn't it?

- Rancke 12:40, 5 June 2008 (UTC)

No. The mandate of the wiki is to be a resource for Traveller. including being ship's library. But not specifically limited to the classic era.
I changed the articles back because I feel that having an article which says "There is no article, but click here for the article" is wrong.
The reason we created the era categories was to mark the articles specific to these eras. It was felt at the time that this was sufficient. You're saying this isn't true.
There have been several attempts to resolve this, the experiments of which are still scattered about the wiki. The Era categories was adopted because it was the easiest. How much more effort do you feel we should put into changing the 4,304 library articles to address this?
- Tjoneslo 03:20, 6 June 2008 (UTC)