Fire Wand

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Fire Wand
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr 350
Size 30 cm long
Weight 2kg

A Fire Wand is a fire-fighting device. It uses a focused electrical field to push, bend and put out flames. The wand creates a field of around 1,000,000 volts per metre, which disconnects flame from the heat and fuel at its base, thus snuffing the fire.

In shape, the fire wand is a rod, around 300mm long, with a moulded handle at one end. The rod is connected to a power pack, via a heavy-duty cable. To use the fire wand, the device is activated and waved towards the flames, with a slashing or waving motion.

Different-sized power-packs are used with fire wands. Shipboard or domestic models use a small belt-mounted pack, around 200mm high, 150mm wide and 100mm thick and weighing 1kg, while the larger models used by professional fire-fighters feature a large backpack-mounted pack, around 600mm high, 250mm wide and 100mm thick and weighing 4kg. The smaller models give 10 minutes of use, larger models give 1 hour of use.

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