Combat Hand

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Combat Hand
Type Cyberware
Tech Level TL–11
Cost Cr200,000
Size 1 liter
Weight 1 kg

A Combat Hand is a cyberware replacement manipulator attached to an Advanced Cybernetic Arm. It can be used as a Basic Cybernetic Hand. As the name implies, the Combat Hand contains one of several possible weapon options.

Grasp Bomb: the hand is a detachable unit designed as either a fragmentation, smoke or stun Hand Grenade. It can be set to activate through a timer or can be remotely triggered. The hand is destroyed when it is detonated.

Hard Fist: The hand is reinforced and weighted to allow for more powerful blows.

Hand Razors: 10mm retractable blades located in the tips of the digits.

Integral Pistol: Typically a Snub Pistol, but other firearms may be preferred. In most examples one of the digits of the hand folds back to allow the weapon to be fired.

Integral Stunner: The hand contains an Electroshock Weapon capable of stunning or incapacitation a target.

Scythes: three 500mm blades that emerge from the back of the hand or from between the knuckles.

Torch Hand: An electric cutting/welding torch incorporating an internal battery which contains power enough for two minutes of operation.

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