Chieftain class Grav Combat Vehicle

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Tech Level TL–12
Mass 200 tons
Cost Mcr17.243
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Main Battle Tank
Speed 800kph
Cargo 3.2kl
Crew 3
Passengers 7
Armament Royal Ordnance Works FP252 Fusion Cannon, Coaxial VRF Gauss Weapon

The Caledonian Chieftain grav combat vehicle emphasizes crew protection and firepower over raw speed.

Please see Grav tank, Gravcraft and/or Gravity control technology for more information.

Chieftain Basic Grav Tank Profile[edit]

Chieftain Basic Grav Tank Profile
TL Designation Name Tank Class Mass Primary User Main Armament/s Secondary Armament/s Mobility Mode Armor Class Primary Manufacturer Date of Introduction
TL-12 Classified Chieftain class Grav Combat Vehicle Main Battle Tank (MBT) 200 tons Principality of Caledon FP252 Fusion Cannon Coaxial VRF Gauss Weapon 0800kph Gravitic Flight Classified Principality of Caledon Classified


The Chieftain carries a crew of three - commander, gunner and "driver" - and an infantry squad of seven.

Chieftain Design[edit]

The Chieftain is divided into four compartments:

  • Control Compartment, where the "driver" and commander operate the vehicle, surrounded by vehicle controls and fully configurable holographic situational awareness tools.
  • Gun Compartment, where the "Gunner" operates the FP252 Fusion cannon and coaxial VRF Gauss Gun.
  • Equipment compartment, below the Gun Compartment, holding the power plant and fusion capacitors.
  • Passenger Compartment, for the seven passengers, their acceleration couches, and their miscellaneous gear.

Chieftain Variants[edit]

Variant designs include:

  • Recovery - Gun Compartment replaced with an Operator Station; Passenger compartment replaced with Grav Tractor allowing vehicle to extract and "tow" vehicles up to and including Chieftain-sized in a variety of gravitic environments.
  • Command - Gun and Passenger compartments replaced with space for command staff, their acceleration couches, and signals and situational awareness equipment.

The Chieftain chassis is also the basis for the "Curate" family of Close Support vehicles.

Strategy & Doctrine[edit]

Caledonian Chieftain Grav/Mech Doctrine[edit]

The mission of the Chieftain is as follows:

  • In the attack - Carry an infantry squad in position to seize or destroy the enemy's position quickly enough to choose the time and place of battle, with enough protection to ensure they get there ready to fight, and with enough firepower to assist them in destroying the opposition.
  • In the defense - To enable an Infantry squad to conduct an effective mobile defense and return, quickly and with immense ferocity, to the counterattack.

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