Cable Knife

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Cable Knife
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Group: TBD
Tech Level TL–13
Size 1.5 litres, folded
Weight 450.0 g
Cost Cr400
Ammo TBD
Manufacturer Various

A Cable Knife is a spectacular example of memory mesh technology, the cable knife consists of a 250.0 mm long knife, with a small guard and a hooked blade, the whole being constructed from one piece of metal or ceramic. The knife is attached to a 5.0 m length of memory cable, which terminates in a knuckleduster-shaped handguard. In use, the cable knife can be used as a knife and the cable can be used to entangle an opponent. However, since the cable can be snapped into rigidity at a squeeze of the trigger which is located in the handguard, the cable knife can be used as a kind of flexible spear.

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