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Type Medical
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr75
Size 0.5 liters
Weight 0.5kg

Bandage is a spray foam healing agent designed to supplement or replace sanitized dressings and sticking plasters. Its primary use is in the field treatment of battle wounds, burns, and other major traumatic injuries. Bandage sprays on as a thick white foam, which cleans the wound by its effervescent action, helping to bring foreign matter (such as dirt particles and bullet fragments) to the surface. Also, bandage anesthetizes and disinfects the wound. Finally, bandage hardens, forming a stiff, flexible shell which seals out infection and immobilizes the area. Applied properly, bandage will speed up the healing process. If not applied properly, bandage will do no harm, but will have no measurable beneficial effects. 48 to 72 hours after application, bandage will soften and flake off the wound.

Bandage is not a substitute for proper medical treatment, merely an advanced first aid tool. Any character who has been seriously wounded must still receive medical attention. Bandage will aid healing but cannot restore destroyed tissue. For instance, a character with a severely damaged arm may still lose the use of that limb without proper medical treatment, even if bandage is used. Bandage is available in many containers; the most common sizes are half-liter cans issued in most first aid kits. Military medics and emergency aid personnel may carry larger containers.

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