5703rd Lift Cavalry Regiment

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The 5703rd Lift Cavalry Regiment is a conventional premier tier 2 Imperial Army unit of the Third Imperium. The reigment is also known as The Duke of Iderati’s Own Lift Dragoons. Nick named "the Black Griffins" they emrace their motto "Death and Glory" in memory desperate, costly counter attacks of the regiment conduct on Tyrfing in 1110.

5703rd DUI
5703rd CSSI
5703rd Vehicle Insignia
5703rd Counter

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 5703rd Lift Cavalry is a combat maneuver element of the Imperial Army of the Five Sisters Subsector Field Army. It is an organic combined arms unit of lightly-armored, medium-weight lift vehicles, and is organized differently from the lift infantry or lift armored brigade combat teams. The brigade implements network-centric joint warfare doctrines, deploying swift lift vehicles and highly mobile medium infantry to conduct full-spectrum combat operations.

Raised just prior to the Fifth Frontier War in 1103 it was was barely operational in time to deploy for combat operations in the sword worlds campaigns winning battle honors on Tyrfing and Beater in 1110.

The Lift Cavalry Brigade is equipped to TL–13 standards.


The Lift Armored Cavalry Brigade (LACB) achieves decisive action with combinedarms at the saber troop company level by applying the effects of direct fires from the medium grav-tanks, indirect fires from remote MRLs and high-energy mobile artillery, and joint effects of other services to support the mounted/dismounted assault. The Lift Armored Cavalry Brigade possesses a substantial capability, through its dismounts and reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition units, to place units and troopers in positions of advantage throughout the area of operations.

Tactically, the LACB has versatile mobility with the lift technology (grav) that combines the best capabilities of mechanized and light infantry organizations in a 3-dimensional mobility package through complex, close urban. and rough terrains, The mobility it allows for a rapid repositioning capability that light forces lack. The 3-dimensional tactical mobility and allows the LACB to strike the enemy in depth, agile redeployment of its reserve rapidly, secure lines of communications, and conduct nonlinear troop and squadron fights and essential RSTA operations in noncontiguous areas of operation. While grav technology enhances the LACB mobility, subordinate units are not tethered to the vehicles.

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Emperor’s Standard
Regimental Standard

Unit Awards[edit]

  • Companion, Order of the Domain of Deneb (IAGO 1115)

Order of Deneb- Companion.png

Battle Honors[edit]

  1. Tyrfing 1110
  2. Beater 1110

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

The 5703rd Lift Cavalry Regiment is the organic Lift Cavalry element of the 5703rd Lift Cavalry Brigade Combat Team.

5703rd Lift Cavalry Brigade Combat Team TOE.jpeg

- Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron

HHS 5703rd.jpeg

- 1st, 2nd & 3rd Lift Dragoon Squadrons (Lift Medium Cavalry)

Right Center Right
- 4th (Fires) Lift Artillery Squadron ( Fusion Guns, MRL’s, & Point Defense)

Fires 5703rd.jpeg
- 5th Lift Light Dragoon Squadron (Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Aquisition)

LtDrgn Sqdrn 5703rd.jpeg
- 6th (Support) Squadron ( Combat Services and Support)


Specialist Units[edit]

  1. Reconnaissence Commandos: U Troop, 5th Light Dragoon Squadron
    1. 1st Recce-Cdo Platoon (Orbital Infiltration)
    2. 2nd Recce-Cdo Platoon(Orbital Infiltration)
  2. G Troop, 2nd Sabre Squadron (Aslan)
    1. G Troop is actively recruited from the Aslans within the Five Sister Subsector. All equipment and vehicles are ergonomically configured to Aslan physiology. The 2nd Squadron's Surgeon is Xeno-Medical Qualified.
  3. K Troop, 3rd Sabre Squadron (Vargr)
    1. K Troop is actively recruited from the Vargr within the Five Sister Subsector. All equipment and vehicles are ergonomically configured to Vargr physiology. The 3rd Squadron's Surgeon is Xeno-Medical Qualified.
  4. Civil Affairs Platoon, 6th Support Squadron
    1. The Civil Affairs Platoon assists the brigade and maneuver-element commanders by working with civil authorities and, or civilian populations in the unit's area of operation to lessen the impact of military operations on them during peace (aid to civil powers), contingency operations, and declared war. With their expertise in civil matters, they are the principal unit in assisting a commander in the conduct of civil-military operations. The CA Platoon further acts as a liaison between the civilian inhabitants of a warzone, or disaster area and the command, both informing the local commander of the status of the civilian populace as well as affecting assistance to locals.

Representative Equipment & Classes (TL-13)[edit]

Combat Vehicles

  1. Lift Medium Cavalry fighting Vehicle
    1. Command Varient
    2. Reconnaissence-Scout Varient
    3. Lift Sapper Varient

Individual Armor and Weapons

  1. Battledress (TL13)
    1. PGMP-13
  2. Combat Armor (TL13)
    1. Gauss Rifle
    2. PGMP-12
    3. 4cm RAM Grenades
  3. Tac Missiles

Fires (Direct, Indirect and Point Defense)

  1. Lift Fire Directional Control Vehicle
  2. Lift Fusion Gun Fires Vehicle
  3. Lift MRL Fire Vehicle
  4. Lift Plasma Point Defense Vehicle

Support Vehicles

  1. Lift LMR Comminication Vehicle
  2. Lift Maser Communications Vehicle
  3. Lift Combat Electronic Warfare Vehicle
  4. Lift Treament Vehicle
  5. Lift Medical Evacuation Vehicle
  6. Lift Unitlity Vehcile
  7. Lift Recovery Vehicle
  8. Lift Logistics Vehcile
  9. Lift Nuclear Damper Vehcile

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This Brigade can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Headquarters Data: 1105[edit]

The following mainworld is the primary headquarters of this Lift Cavalry Combat Brigade:

  1. Iderati (world)

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This army is often stationed in the following systems and worlds:

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Iderati  •  
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