Agent of the Imperium

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Agent of the Imperium
AOTI-Cover 18-Jan-2019a.jpg
Author Marc Miller
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Format Novel (Hardback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 336
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Version Traveller 5th
Year Published 2015
Available from FFE, RPGnet
Agent of the Imperium is a Traveller novel of the OTU universe telling the story of a secret agent and his efforts to serve and preserve the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)

Agents are specifically tasked with confronting existential threats to the Third Imperium.

Wafer-tech & Skillsets

Wafers are an electronic storage medium by which the personality of a sophont may be stored and preserved. A sophont with an external computer-brain interface, a jack, can insert a wafer and assume the personality stored on the wafer. Unfortunately, the body that stored the original personality cannot survive the transfer process from a living sophont mind to a stored personality. It is a lethal, mortal life-ending process. The mind lives on in the wafer as a sort of infomorph.

A skillset is similar to a wafer but far more limited. Skillsets only store learned skills, not entire sophont minds. Skillsets are very useful under limited scenarios, but long-term usage leads to brain deterioration.

Both technologies remain in use throughout the Third Imperium, but not under widespread, commonplace usage. Neither technology is permanent or long-lasting. Wafer personalities and skillset abilities rarely last for more than thirty days. Both technologies temporarily overwrite and replace part or the whole of the host mind. Some details of the wafer-mind supplementation process are still not well understood.

The Five Wafer Types

There are five kinds of wafer: each with its own attributes and benefits: (pg. 177)

The Five Wafer Types
# Role Original Host Remarks
1. Admiral Unknown Imperial Navy Master Tactician
2. Advisor Unknown Expert Polymath & Jack of All Trades
3. Decider Jonathan Bland Master Political Strategist
4. Negotiator Unknown Master Crisis Negotiator
5. Warlord Peter Trevor Imperial Military Master Strategist & Tactician

History & Background (Dossier)

Agents are special secret service that replaced the early-Empire Quarantine Agency.

The Agent's Standing Orders (Revised)

Agent Standing Orders (Executive Summary)

  1. Rule 1. You speak with the voice of the Emperor. Brook no resistance.
  2. Rule 2. Millions of lives depend on your actions; you may need to spend some of them in the process.
  3. Rule 3. You act through your team; build it (quickly) by whatever means available.
  4. Rule 4. Your team is your greatest asset: use them; depend on them.
  5. Rule 5. You hold the ability to punish and reward; do both.
  6. Rule 6. Right action requires intelligence. (revised addition)

The Three Great Threats

Enna Lagash and the Agent discuss some of these major threats, existential dangers threatening the interstellar order.

  • A Zhodani lord speaks with the Agent of threats having sensed them using precognitive psionics.
The Three Great Threats
# Name AKA Remarks
1. The Break Rebellion AKA


The Great Break: An Imperial Second Civil War, breaking asunder the Third Imperium.
2. The Wave Empress Wave The Wave of Craziness: A psionic effect originating from coreward that near-lobotomizes sophonts and is particularly deleterious to psions. It also destroys the higher thinking of many sophonts, often outright slaying them. the wave has murdered billions if not more.
3. The Black Ships Black Ships The Black Ships: Strange exoforms that seem to inhabit deep space ominously.

References & Contributors (Sources)

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