Traveller 5th

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Traveller 5th
Publisher Far Future Enterprises
Version Traveller 5th
Author Marc Miller
Format Hardcover Book or PDF
Canonical 1
Edition 1st
Year Published 2013
Pages TBD
Available from Far Future Enterprises
Table of Contents

T5 is version 5 of the Traveller rules.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Marc Miller had several fresh ideas for the new version and included the following features:

  • "Life Pursuits" as a mechanism for gaining skill in a particular field, post-career.
  • Character generation preserves the Traveller life path feel, and fully accommodates nonhuman characters.
  • Materials technology and weapon design is based on data from earlier Traveller rulesets, but with less complexity than TNE/T4.
  • Power supplies are more like MT's than CT's or T4's.
  • Bits of CT and FFS2 are in starship design, which also takes a page from MT and extends down into smallcraft and vehicles. It's easier to build a small starship in T5 than Classic Traveller's High Guard, Traveller The New Era's Fire, Fusion, & Steel, or T4's Quick Ship Design System (QSDS), but more involved than Classic Traveller's Book 2 (Starships).
  • The TL range is similar to MT.
  • TNE's concept of Maintenance Points is evolved into a way to appraise equipment quality in general.
  • A description-based equipment design system allows things from other rulesets to be easily imported into T5 for use.

Product Listing[edit]

6 publications for Traveller 5th

Meta-history & Background[edit]

Marc Miller released a T5 draft as a CDROM in November 2008. He has also stated that he will direct it very closely and not trust others with production so much as before (T4).

In June 2012, Marc ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of a hardcover edition of the rules. These were published in March of 2013.

World-building & Colonization[edit]

Classic Traveller Book 3 Worlds and Adventures (1977) created the UWP, which was later expanded with "Extended UWP Statistics", and was continued with the following products:


Table of Contents[edit]

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