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The Ulane Hoax is a package of spurious updates to various books and library data which on 091-1108 a small group of computer students at the University of Daibei on Warinir managed to introduce into the official update stream of the X-Boat service after defeating the security system. The false data was carried by the X-Boats to all corners of the Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The name derives from the most elaborate part of the hoax, an 83,000-word description of the Ulane Hierate, an interstellar polity purported to occupy the area where the Union of Harmony lies and supposedly run by the quiet, pastoral Ulane, a minor non-human race indigenous to Ul (Dark Nebula 0603), in a farcical parody of the structure of the Aslan Hierate.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The false data was carried by the X-Boats to all corners of the Imperium. Due to a sophisticated rerouting scheme, fake headers, and a kind of "time-release bombs" system, fake data is not solely marked "Warinir 091-1108," but can be datelined from almost anywhere at almost any time. However, the individual entries are all easily identified by the glaring errors they contain.

  • For instance, the astrographical location of the Aslan home world Kuzu (Dark Nebula 1226) was switched with that of the border world Khtyuhakh (Dark Nebula 1919).
  • One article described a substance that dissolves before water is added and another a plant that grows the year before it is planted.

Ulane Hoax Aftermath[edit]

The perpetrators of the hoax were all caught in 1117 and received heavy prison sentences. Despite official claims that all traces of the hoax have been eliminated, hoax articles still surface from time to time (although their frequency is decreasing).

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