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Duneraiders is the most popular of dozens of names for the desert nomads which inhabit the wastes beyond the tropical fringe of the Polar Sea of Tashrakaar (Reaver's Deep 1927).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No accurate census is available, but their numbers are estimated at three to four million. There is an enormous diversity in the customs, backgrounds and cultures of the Tashrakaaran nomad tribes. Most began as outcasts from the coastal civilization; Tashrakaaran tribal law has long held expulsion into the desert to be the most expedient punishment for a variety of crimes. Some groups deliberately migrated to the desert at various times in Tashrakaar's history, seeking to escape persecution, injustice and stagnation in a static culture, or to found a new utopia free from the trappings of a decadent civilization.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Duneraiders are feared by coastal Tashrakaarans, with good reason. Many are bandits who prey on outlying settlements and the caravans which connect the coastal Tashrakaaran enclaves. Others are fierce religious fanatics who view as evil the ways of soft, water-fat coast-dwellers. A few are relatively peaceful, but all will fight to protect the vast and ever-shifting tracts of land (the boundaries move as the tribe moves) which each tribe sees as its own. The nomads identify strongly with the land and perceive the desert where they currently located as somehow spiritually a part of the tribe itself and therefore to be defended from trespassers. Since the land so claimed can include many thousands of hectares of utterly barren and empty wasteland, it is not surprising that misunderstandings and feuds have arisen between the Duneraiders and the corporations which send orecrawlers and prospecting teams into the Tashrakaaran desert.

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