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Chirpers are immature Droyne who have not been casted. If Droyne do not caste, they continue development, though very slowly. Sexual differences emerge, but casteless Droyne remain small and semi-intelligent and continue to resemble immature Droyne. Those Droyne groups which have lost the ability to caste (these are fairly common) live as primitives. Chirpers are also psionic to cloud the minds of beings around it, making itself seem to be invisible. Only mature Chirpers can do this. A chirper may occasionally befriend a human.

Chirpers come in two varieties, which may be dubbed Type A and Type B:

  • Type A is the most common. They have lost the ability to caste even if they are shown how to use coyns.
  • Type B are much rarer. They retain the ability to learn how to caste but simply haven't been shown how.

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