Light Assault Gun

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Generic Light Assault Gun
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Generic Light Assault Gun
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–8
Size 900.0 mm
Weight 4,000.0 grams
Cost Cr600
Ammo 20mm bullet, 5 rounds
Manufacturer Various
Generic Light Assault Gun

The Light Assault Gun (4,500.0 grams loaded; Cr600; TL–8) is a very large, heavy caliber weapon generally used for antimaterial missions or for piercing heavy personal armors including some forms of Battledress. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Light Assault Gun (LAG):" Essentially a heavy rifle, the LAG fires a 20mm, 30.0 gram bullet at velocities of 400 to 500 meters per second. A magazine containing five rounds is inserted into the underside of the weapon, ahead of the trigger guard. Reloading takes about a minute (less for a skilled operator), during which the firer is treated as evading. One round is fired per pull of the trigger. Ammunition includes HE, flechette, and 20/9 mm discarding sabot rounds. The LAG is provided with a sling to assist carrying. Due to the weight and recoil of the weapon, individuals without considerable strength will suffer in accuracy when firing the LAG. Individuals in battledress will make good use of the strength enhancement features of such suits when using these weapons. [2]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 900.0 mm. Weight, unloaded: 4,000.0 grams (loaded magazine weighs 500.0 grams). Base price: Cr600 (loaded magazine: Cr20). Tech level 8. [3]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The heritage of the LAG can be found amongst most sophont species if heavy game rifles used by creature hunters on Safari. These were very large heavy rifles using very large ammunition, generally considered light cannon ammunition. When armored vehicles first appear, the first anti-tank rifles are developed, which can generally defeat the unhardened, sheet steel armors of the age.

However, the stronger capabilities of more advanced armors generally make the LAG obsolete as an antitank weapon. Various kinds of rockets and GUW ordinance (guided missiles) do the job better, so the weapon is relegated to an antimaterial role. As personal armor and power armor is further miniaturized and strengthened, the weapon comes back into its own. Further manufacturing and material science advances keep it a viable choice well into the TL:10-12 epoch. Various less technoloigically advanced or poorer forces are still known to employ LAG’s against Battledress, light mecha, and even air/rafts. By the TL:10-12 epoch, it has largely been replaced by gauss and high energy weaponry. [4]

Selected Light Assault Gun Models[edit]

  1. TL–4 Elephant Gun
  2. TL–5 Antitank Rifle
  3. TL–7 Early Light Assault Gun
  4. TL–8 Light Assault Gun

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