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As the only locally produced jump capable starship in the immediate cluster of worlds, the Paya Light Freighter plays a key role in the cluster economy.

The Paya Light Freighter was designed using HG2, with LBB Bk2 crew rules.

Paya Light Freighter[edit]

LF-250900   LF-1611111-000000-10000-0   MCr28.16   100tn - Batteries Bearing                     1                              Crew=2

- Batteries                                 1                              TL=9

Staterooms=7, Low Berths=24, High Security Freight=5tn, General freight=15tn

Fuel=11tn, EP=1, Agility=0, Size Mod=-1, Ttl Def Mod=-1, Computer size=1

Emergency Agility=1, No fuel purification plant, Class development costs=7.39MCr, Deposit=5.632MCr

NB: Class development costs above include architects fees and class discounts. The 28.16MCr cost excludes the Class development costs.

A fuel purifier may be added, reducing staterooms to 6 (2 crew, 4 passenger) and cargo space to 15tn for no extra cost.

Cashflow estimate per jump[edit]

                                                               Standard                       Standard

.                                                                                             w. Fuel purifier

Income potential                                       Total 109,000Cr            91,000Cr   

Passengers 10 bunking @ 6500Cr each =           65,000Cr             52,000

Low Berths 24 @ 1000Cr each =                        24,000Cr           

Cargo 20tn @ 1000Cr per parsec =                     20,000Cr             15,000

Expences per jump (2 per month)               Total (85,743Cr)          (82,743Cr)

Fuel 11tn @ 100Cr =                                           1,100Cr

Basic Life support 11 @ 1500Cr =                       16,500Cr             13,500

Luxury (Captains) Life support @ 2000Cr =            2,000Cr

Mortgage payment 117,333Cr/mth =                    58,666Cr

Annual Maintenance =                                         1,173Cr

Routine Monthly Maintenance =                               704Cr

Port costs =                                                           600Cr

Crew Salary =                                                      5,000Cr

Profit per jump                                         Total    23,256Cr             8,257Cr

Engaging in speculative trade may also increase the ships profitability.


LF-1611111-000000-10000-0     MCr. 28.16 Size: 100 Tons
Bearing       1     Crew: 2
Batteries     1     TL: 9
Cargo: 20 ton Staterooms: 7, Low Berths: 24   Fuel: 11   tons EP: 1 Agility: 0
Fuel Treatment:
Backups: 1 X Mod -1
Architect's Fee: MCr 7.39     Cost in Quantity: MCr

A fuel purifier may be added, reducing staterooms to 6 (2 crew, 4 passenger) and cargo space to 15 tons for no extra cost.

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