Linear Burning Rope

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Linear Burning Rope
Type Explosive
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr800
Size 6 liters
Weight 11 kg

Linear Burning Rope is an explosive device. Each rope is packaged in 8-meter long coils, with a rope diameter of 3cm; within the vacuum-sealed plastic packs they are further wrapped in a cellophane-like red and yellow-striped covering, which peels off to reveal a bright yellow putty-like substance, akin to plastic explosives. Each package also contains two piezo-electric initiator plugs.

After the roll is removed from the outer packaging, the inner cellophane wrapping must be removed. The putty-like material of the rope is malleable with ease, even in cold temperatures (operating temperature range: 100°K to 285°K). The rope should be molded to the edge of the surface to be burned through and tamped to provide as equilateral a triangular cross-section as possible. Each rope is powerful enough to burn through a standard thickness ship hull.

Two initiators are supplied for times when stress is high: It is not uncommon for an initiator to go 'walkies' and having a second initiator to hand is a measure of insurance against stress-induced forgetfulness. One initiator is sufficient to ignite an entire length of Linear Burning Rope; the initiator is pushed into a convenient place in the rope, much like a plastic explosive detonator plug might be. The red and yellow striped tab is peeled off, to reveal a bright red and yellow pull ring. the ring connects to 1mm thick by 30cm long cable leading to a wind-up detonator within the body of the initiator, which then charges a high-charge capacitor, which on reaching full capacity, discharges after five seconds into the rope, which then ignites.

The rope burns extremely brightly (in a similar way to magnesium) and with extremely high temperature within the material being burned through; surrounding temperatures are high, but not excessively so. It takes about thirty seconds for a standard section of hull metal to be burned through, and the edges of the metal will be exceedingly hot to the touch for about half an hour after burning.

In much the same way as a linear shaped charge works explosively, the Linear Burning Rope works comparatively slowly and non-explosively for use in confined spaces.

The manufacturer of the rope recommends in the literature that an insulating blanket of some kind be affixed to affected surfaces to prevent burn injuries after penetration (they recommend a product they manufacture, as it happens).

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