Foreven book 0

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Foreven book 0
ForevenBook0 350.jpg
Stories from the Frontier
Publisher DSL Ironworks
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author Donavan Lambertus
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2013
Pages 51
Available from RPGNow
publisher stock: BOF0001

Book 0: Stories of the Frontier serves as the introductory guide to the DSL Ironworks version of the Foreven Sector setting, referred to as The Bastards of Foreven. Included within is an introduction to the setting, an explanation of the standards and assumptions used in this Alternate Traveller Universe, a history of Foreven, a sample vehicle, a sample starship, a sample world, and basic information for one of the subsectors. It also includes a discussion of major powers found in Foreven, criminal groups, mercenaries, and a short introductory adventure with enough story hooks to launch an entire campaign. It is designed to allow players and referees hit the ground running with the framework of a rich, immersive setting on the fringes of the official Traveller universe. It also paves the way for future supplements, world and ship books, and complete adventures and campaigns.