Alschain (star)

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Alschain (Beta Aquilae) A
Spectral G8-9.5 IV
Type Subgiant
Multiple Binary
Luminosity 6.0 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Mag Terra 3.71
Temperature 5100° K
Mass 1.26 MSol
Radius 3.28 RSol
Companion Alschain (Beta Aquilae) B
Alschain (Beta Aquilae) B
Spectral M3 V
Type Main Sequence
Multiple Far Companion
Luminosity 0.025 LSol
Absolute magnitude
Mag Terra 11.4
Temperature 3400° K

The star Alschain (otherwise known as Beta Aquilae or Collum Corvi) is a binary star system composed of a light yellow subgiant primary star of spectral type G8 orbited by a small pinkish-orange main sequence "red dwarf" star of spectral type M3.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Alschain star system is a binary star system whose two components are separated by about 175AU.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Alschain star system lies approximately 13.7pc from Terra, and is located in a Coreward/Corespinward direction from Terra at bearing 046.1o Galactic Longitude and -11.1o South Galactic Latitude.

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