Survival Food Ration

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Survival Food Ration
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Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–?
Manufacturer Logan Subsistence Company
Survival Food Ration area special compact, long-lasting foodstuff.
  • The Logan Subsistence Company of Garda-Vilis (Spinward Marches 1118) is proud to announce the introduction of its new line of survival ration packets.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The unopened chocolate-based ration weighs 600 grams in a resealable plastic container which can double as a cup and water container, and is priced at 5 Imperial Credits per survival packet. The multi-use packet and the Vargr hard biscuit packets weight 750 grams in a resealable plastic box, and costs 6 Imperial Credits per ration packet.

The primary component of each ration packet is four 125 gram individually wrapped bars, with each bar providing 600 calories and a balanced portion of the required vitamins and minerals required for the typical human. Included with the four bars are three powdered drink packets supplying Vitamin C in a highly palatable form when mixed with a half-liter of water, and a supplementary vitamin tablet in addition to the vitamins contained in the bars to ensure an adequate vitamin intake. The bars are composed of a mixture of chocolate, dehydrated milk powder, and grains, stabilized to tolerate elevated temperatures, and if desired, can be used to produce a chocolate drink by dissolving the bar in warm water. The four bars together supply sufficient calories to sustain the average size human for one day of moderate activity.

A multi-use bar for both humans and Vargr is similar in packaging and weight, with the primary difference being the use of powdered dried meat instead of the chocolate and additional use of animal fats in the formulation. These bars also supply 600 calories per bar, and are palatable to both humans and Vargr. The supplementary beverage packets contain both the Vitamin C fortified beverage packets and three additional packets of powdered meat broth enriched with salt for the use of the Vargr, although humans also find the broth nourishing and palatable. Two vitamin tablets are provided, one for Vargr use and one for human consumption.

A special Vargr only ration packet is available containing four 150 gram hard biscuits containing a total of 2400 calories and a balanced vitamin and mineral intake without the need of supplementary tablets or beverage packets. The four biscuits are individually wrapped in waterproof packets and may be carried easily in the pocket. This packet would not be suitable for human use, however, except in an emergency.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Logan Subsistence is in the process of testing the ration packets for use by the Droyne and whether a supplemental vitamin will be needed. It appears that both the chocolate-based human bar and the meat-based mult-use bar are suitable for Droyne use as well, with a preference being shown for the chocolate-based bar. Further testing is proceeding, and Logan Subsistence is committed to supplying the highest quality of survival food products to the widest number of consumers for competitive prices.

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