Mobilization of 1117

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The Mobilization of 1117 is a general term for the response by the government of the Principality of Caledon to the expansion of the Second Civil War in the wake of the Rejhappur Crisis.


In the middle of 1116, the Caledonian intelligence picked up news of the expanding rebellion within the Third Imperium. Not long after the news, the first wave of refugees began appearing in Caledon's driftward systems. While the Third Imperium had been decaying for quite some time, the new from the RIS and the refugees was much more dire than expected.

Prince Michael III, on advice from his regent, Duke Gavin Ramachandra of Sylthwaite, convened a meeting of his Emergency Council.

The Mobilization[edit]

On 27-1117, Prince Michael ordered a partial mobilization of the Principality's military. Reserves were called up, and the Navy redeployed the first of its reserve Task Forces toward the Driftward frontier, reinforcing its forward operating base at Skye and beefing up the Expeditionary Service's surveillance of the driftward frontier.

The Parliament approved a massive increase in military spending, and the Navy began re-commissioning ships kept in ordinary.

The Dzienkar Incident[edit]

On 168-1117, [under construction]

The Driftward Line[edit]

As a result of the Dzienkar Incident, Prince Michael ordered the establishment of the "Driftward Line", an attempt to close the Principality's driftward frontier.

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