Force Multiplier

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Force multiplier
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Cost Cr50
Size 100ml
Type Weapon
Tech Level TL–8
Weight 100g

Force multipliers, often called FM's are flat, blunt polymer, ceramic or occasionally, metal self-defence weapons, designed for striking, probing into pressure points, applying joint locks and attacking nerve bundles. They are often designed to be carried discretely and to be invisible to metal detectors and MMBR; this is why they are usually constructed from polymer or ceramic, not metal. Force multipliers come in various shapes and are often given fanciful names by their manufactures; ‘Predator’, ‘Stinger’ or ‘Talon’, for example. All of these FMs feature blunt ends, both rounded and square, for striking, probing nerve bundles and attacking pressure points and blunt, serrated edges, for tearing into skin. The FM can be concealed in a small pocket. It is around 130mm long.

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