VRF Gauss Gun

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Generic VRF Gauss Gun
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Generic VRF Gauss Gun
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–10
Size 1,500mm
Weight 2,000.0 kilograms
Cost Cr200,000
Ammo 4mm needle bullet, x1,000 round hoppers
Manufacturer Various
Generic VRF Gauss Gun

The VRF Gauss Gun (12,000.0 grams loaded; Cr200,000; TL-10) is a sophisticated, high-tech electromagnetic weapon capable of putting more fire on target than any previous KEW support weapon.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Very Rapid Fire (VRF) Gauss Gun:" A cryogenically cooled rapid fire support weapon, the VRF gauss gun fires a 4mm, 4.0 gram needle bullet to velocities of 4,500 meters per second with an effective rate of fire of 4,000 rounds per minute. Firing operation is similar to that of the gauss rifle. The weapon fires 100-round bursts, up to ten of which may be fired in a matter of seconds. Each burst may directed at a separate target within the firing arc of the weapon. [2]

Ammunition is provided in 1,000-round hoppers, which are loaded directly into the weapon's ammunition bay. The ammunition bay of a VRF gauss gun vehicle will generally hold up to 30,000-rounds although this will vary somewhat with vehicle size. Reloading is not necessary until all rounds in an ammunition bay have been expended. Reloading generally takes in excess of one hour. [3]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 1,500mm. Weight, unloaded: 2,000.0 kilograms. 10,000.0 kilogram ammunition hopper weight. Base price: Cr200,000. Ammunition hopper price: Cr200 for a 1,000-round hopper. Tech level 10. [4]

VRF Gaus Gun Vehicle Mounting[edit]

The weapon is only available in the turreted configuration, and requires special modifications to the vehicle carrying it. The turret normally gives a 180 degree arc of fire, although a more sophisticated turret (costing an additional Cr50,000) provides a 360 degree arc of fire. If more than four bursts are fired within a few seconds, there is a chance of a stoppage. If a minor stoppage develops, the weapon may not be able to resume firing for several minutes. If a major stoppage develops, the weapon may not fire again until major maintenance has been performed. [5]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

"VRF Gauss Gun:" The ultimate development of the slug thrower support wepaon, the VRF gauss gun generates an electromagnetic field along the length of the barrel which accelerates a 4mm, 4 gram needle bullet to velocities of 1,500 meters per second. The round itself consists of a dense armor piercing core surrounded by a softer metal covering, ending in a hollow point, giving the round both high stopping power and a good armor piercing capability. Flight along the barrel is nearly frictionless, with spin stabilization imparted through magnetic bias. [6]

Selected VRF Gaus Gun Models[edit]

  1. TL-10 VRF Gauss Gun
  2. TL-11 VRF Gauss Gun
  3. TL-12 VRF Gauss Gun
  4. TL-13 VRF Gauss Gun
  5. TL-14 VRF Gauss Gun
  6. TL-15 VRF Gauss Gun

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