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Rancke (Author) Title

Rancke (Author) Biography

Hans Rancke-Madsen was born on August 4th, 1956 in Copenhagen, Denmark. One day, while he was visiting a friend in England, the friend gave him a little black box containing three little black books. For many years thereafter, he visited England once or twice a year and never failed to visit Games Workshop and pick up some new Traveller publications. Eventually Denmark became civilized enough that his Friendly Local Comics Shop also began selling roleplaying stuff, enabling him to get his fix locally.

Rancke (Author) Bibliography & Works Cited

The Internet enabled him to help playtest GURPS Traveller books and write articles for JTAS Online.

He is co-author of GURPS Traveller: Sword Worlds, has playtested all but a few of the GT books, and has several 'additional material by' credits.