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   | cost  =Cr. 685,710.97
   | cost  =Cr. 685,710.97
  |mode=Flight (Helicopter)
  |mode=Flight (Helicopter)
  |type=Passenger Craft
  |type=Passenger Vehicle
  |cargo=2.6 tons
  |cargo=2.6 tons

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Urida class Medium Helicopter
Tech Level TL–6
Mass 220m3
Cost Cr. 685,710.97
Mode Flight (Helicopter)
Type Passenger Vehicle
Speed 210kph
Cargo 2.6 tons
Crew 1
Passengers 8
Armament See below

The Urida class Medium Helicopter is a militarized Rotary Wing Aircraft.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

Urida Medium Helicopter (TECH LEVEL 6)[edit]

The helicopter has enhanced controls and avionics. It has a crew of 1 pilot in a simple cockpit. It can carry 8 airborne troopers and is armed.
Vehicle volume: 220m3.
Total mass: loaded: 5.25 tons and can carry 2.6 tons of payload.
Production Cost: Cr. 685,710.97
Movement: Maximum 210kph/175cm, Cruise 160kph/133cm, NOE 50kph/41.6cm.
Movement effect on fire: move less than 1/2 -4 EFP; move more than 1/2 -4 FFP/No Fire EFP
Damage Points: 53.
Agility: 4
Equipment: 200 power radio, passive IR, search light.
Power: The engines consume 180 liters of fuel per hour, internal fuel capacity 419.9 liters, enough for 2.3 hours. Range: 368km on internal fuel.

There are four TAC missile launch rails for 65kg, +1 to hit, 4km range, HEAP 52 warhead, wire guided missiles which cost Cr. 164 each and are included in the price.

There is a remote chin turret with a pair of stabilized heavy machine guns mounted. They can each engage 4 targets and have a +2 signature. There is storage for 800 rounds, enough for 20 fire phases for each. Their direct fire characteristics are:

Effective Long Extreme
50(6)+3 100(5)+2 150(3)+1
Vehicle: 12
Weapons: 12
Electronics: 3

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These vehicles are license built on the TL–6 worlds within the Protectorate of Leset and serve with colonial defense forces.

Image Repository[edit]

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Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]


  1. Type UH class Utility Helicopter
    1. Urida class Medium Helicopter

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