Trekka class Grav Bus

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Trekka class Grav Bus
Grav Bus.jpg
Trekka seating Plan
Tech Level TL–13
Mass 5 tons (unloaded)
8.7 tons (loaded)
4 dTons
Cost Cr 998,000
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type G-Carrier
Speed 1400kph (1,050kph
Cargo Passenger Hand-Luggage
Crew 1
Passengers 11
Armament None


Manufactured by Ling Standard Products and marketed from Vland to Iderati "Behind the Claw" this bus has been sold for mid-distance surface transport on many worlds. Its 3Mw powerplant gives it enough power to perform supersonic flight, but local statute usually requires that it move below the sound barrier.

The interior of the bus is often rearranged for particular client's needs - bunks, tables, kitchenettes, etc may be fitted and this flexibility has enabled the vehicle to occupy a number of varied commercial and private niches.

The seating plan shown above is that often used for short-haul inter-city travel.

The hull is sealed should high altitude or tainted environment be an issue, and there is basic life support. Note, however, that there is no air-lock, so the vehicle is reliant on some form of terminal facility under those circumstances.

The driver position has access to all weather Radar, terrain mapping LIDAR and running and headlights. It has a radio for communication with air traffic control that has a 500km range.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The "A" model of this vehicle was first introduced in 758 and it has been in production ever since, with the latest "R" model having been on the market since 1066. The initial marketing by LSP saw many models being sold at below cost, but this drove many competitors out of the market and the profits on spares and replacements later recouped that initial investment.

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