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Traveller RPG:Community Portal: Links to publishers of Traveller products and sites with information that will be of interest to adventurers wit the Traveller Gene.

Please see the following AAB Library Data files for related information:

Description (Specifications)

These are the following publishers:

Primary Publisher

Secondary Publishers

Defunct Sites

Digital Games

Fan Sites

Map & Astrography Sites

Online Discussion Forums

Patreon pages

Individuals asking for monthly donations to support their ongoing Traveller works:

Portal Sites

Social Media Pages


Traveller Videos

  • [1] - Nick Nova, Star Traveller (Traveller RPG tips and topics)
  • [2] - videos about and for Taveller

Non-Traveller Resources

These are sites that do not relate to Traveller per se, but contain information or resources useful for any version of Traveller.

Astronomy Sites

  • Stellar Habitability Zone - Calculation for star habitability zone and tidal locking, based upon star initial mass and as shown over time.

Game Sites

History & Background (Dossier)

No information yet available.

References & Contributors (Sources)

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