The Wagner Incident

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The Wagner Incident
Author Matthew Kerwen
Publisher Matthew Kerwen
Version Generic
Edition March 2021
Format Softcover, PDF
Language English
Pages 230
Year Published 2021
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
Print on Demand
ISBN 978-1-7369487-1-2

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Matthew Kerwen
Irisistible Edits
Emrys Ryan

Table of Contents

The Wagner Incident
Section Page/s
Novel 1
Askyat Library Data 209
Glossary 221


On the isolated Garden World known as Wagner (world), Humans and Droyne have lived in peace for generations. But now a bloody war rages across the planet. Each side claims the other started it, and each species plans to end it by exterminating its rivals.

Lieutenant Walker's platoon guards the Imperial Embassy, and her orders are clear: Protect the Ambassador and don't get involved in the war. The Imperium is a neutral party. Marines always follow their orders.

But when Walker encounters a group of Droyne and a wounded Human soldier with a wild sotory about a lost family and mind control, she has to decide whether to get involved. She can try to stop the war or follow her orders while the world burns around her.


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