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Used to create a correct reference citation for a specific book from the Ludography. The ref is a shorter version of the full (and correct) Template:Ludography cite. The list of books is in the Cargo data tables, as created by the Template:InfoboxBook2. If you need a new citation, make sure the book (or magazine) in the Ludography has the correct and updated template.

The final result is formatted by the Template:Ludography ref.layout.

Parameters are:

Name of the book, magazine or other reference. This must match the name given in the Template:InfoboxBook2 name parameter.
Page (e.g. 15) or range of pages (1-4) being cited.
(optional) title of the article in magazine.
(optional) Versions of Traveller name for the book. Used to disambiguate identical titles from different versions of Traveller.
(optional) edition of the book. Used to disambiguate editions of the title.