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<div class="va-infobox">http://www.travellermap.com/api/jumpmap?sector={{{1|Dagudashaag}}}&hex={{{2|0240}}}&options=8451&jump=3&scale=32&junk=junk.png
<div class="va-infobox" style="margin-left:0px; text-align: center; background-color: transparent">[https://travellermap.com/api/jumpmap?sector={{{1|Dagudashaag}}}&hex={{{2|0240}}}&options=8451&jump=3&scale=32&junk=junk.png style="width: 220px; height: 250px;"]<div style="font-size: 75%;text-align: center">Jump map from [https://travellermap.com/go/{{{1|Dagudashaag}}}/{{{2|0240}}} Travellermap.com] {{#tag: ref|"[https://travellermap.com/doc/api#jump-worlds--return-a-list-of-worlds-within-n-parsecs Jump Map API]" and [https://travellermap.com/go/{{{1|Dagudashaag}}}/{{{2|0240}}} map location] from [https://travellermap.com Travellermap.com]}}</div></div><noinclude>
<span style="font-size: 75%;text-align: center">Jump map from [https://www.travellermap.com Travellermap.com] {{#tag:ref|"[https://travellermap.com/doc/api#jump-worlds--return-a-list-of-worlds-within-n-parsecs Jump Map API]" and [https://travellermap.com/go/{{{1|Dagudashaag}}}/{{{2|0240}}} map location] from [https://www.travellermap.com Travellermap.com]}}</span></div><noinclude>
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[[Category: Templates|JumpMap]]
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[[Category:TravellerMap templates]]

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This template uses the JumpMap functionality from Traveller Map to render a small map of the space around a given world.

Example: {{JumpMap|<sector>|<hex>}}

The template takes two unnamed parameters:

  1. The sector is the common name of the sector as used by Traveller Map to identify the sectors.
  2. Hex is the hex location with in the sector where the world is located. The puts the identified hex as the center of the map.

The map is sized and placed to fit with in the space allocated for infoboxs, and works with the world articles.