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{{{name}}} Subsector
[[{{{spinward}}} Subsector|{{{spinward}}}]] [[{{{trailing}}} Subsector|{{{trailing}}}]]
[[{{{coreward}}} Subsector|{{{coreward}}}]]
Subsector {{{position}}}
[[{{{rimward}}} Subsector|{{{rimward}}}]]
No. of Stars {{{number}}}
Majority Control {{{c1}}} - {{{c1p}}}%
Secondary Control {{{c2}}} - {{{c2p}}}%
Subsector {{{position}}}
Sector [[{{{sector}}} Sector|{{{sector}}}]]
Capital {{{capital}}}


This is a simplified subsector template, mainly for navigation and summation information. There is no ability to show planet locations or links (except the capital).

You can use a Template: InfoboxSubsector if you would like to include a text layout map of where the systems within the subsector are. Or use a Template: InfoboxSubsectorImagemap if you have an image with the subsector map.

  |name={Subsector Name}
  |number={Number of stars}
  |alg= {majority allegiance: Im, So, Hv, Zh, Kk, Va, As }
  |spinward={subsector to spinward}
  |coreward={subsector to coreward}
  |trailing={subsector to trailing}
  |rimward={subsector to rimward}
  |sector={sector where located}
  |capital={Subsector Capital world}
  |c1={majority control allegiance}
  |c1p={percent of worlds under majority control}
  |c2={secondary control allegiance}
  |c2p={percent of worlds under secondary control}
  |position=(Position within sector)

  • The alg= parameter sets the color of the title bar to match the allegiance color of the empire selected, defaulting to gray. Also sets a category for the subsector.

This Allegiance Standard Colors article outlines the standard default articles for the macro-polities of the major races.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:
Wiki Mechanics: Wiki Mechanics:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Traveller wiki has a set of standard colors to be use for backgrounds when representing the larger empires in Charted Space. They are as follows:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The colors have remained relatively stable although they have been changed in minor ways since their inception.

Traveller Map uses a similar set of default colors for the Big Nine.

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