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{{#if: {{{no language header|}}}||=={{{language}}}== }}
{{#if: {{{no language header|}}}||=={{{language}}}== }}
==={{{part of speech}}}===
==={{{part of speech}}}===
{{#ifexist: Template:{{{language}}} | {{{{{language}}}|{{{word}}}}} | {{#ifexist: {{{word}}} | '''[[{{{word}}}]]''' | [[Dictionary: {{{word}}}|{{{word}}}]] }} }}
{{#ifexist: Template:{{{language}}}  
  | {{ {{{language}}}|{{{word}}} }}  
  | {{#ifexist: Dictionary:{{{word}}}  
    | [[Dictionary:{{{word}}}|{{{word}}}]]
    | '''[[{{{word}}}]]''' }} }}
-->{{#if:{{{1|}}}|<li>{{{1}}}</li> }}<!--
-->{{#if:{{{1|}}}|<li>{{{1}}}</li> }}<!--

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A template for doing the layout of dictionary entries. Also used to extract the parts of the definitions.


Name of the language. Adds Category: <language> dictionary
no language header
(Optional) Set to true to omit the language entry in the page
(optional) Description on how to pronounce the word
part of speech
one of letter, noun, name, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interjection, numeral, article, or determiner.
The word being given a definition. n.b. do not include a "Page cite" against the word.
If a pages exists in the main dictionary, then this will be shown as a link to that page
Usage notes on the word describing the use in context. (optional)
Definitions are listed as anonymous parameters in the order they should be displayed. You can include up to 10 definitions. These definitions should include a "Page cite" or "Source cite" or "Unpublished cite" entry.

Layout template

 | language = <name>
 | no language header = 
 | part of speech = <type>
 | word = 
 | pronunciation = [Optional pronunciation]
 | notes = [Optional notes about the word]
 | <definition 1>
 | <definition 2>



 | language = Gvegh
 | part of speech = Letter
 | word = A
 | notes = 3rd most frequently used letter in the alphabet
 | A letter in the [[Gvegh (language)|Gvegh]] alphabet




A (Anglic: A )

  1. A letter in the Gvegh alphabet

Usage notes

3rd most frequently used letter in the alphabet

Documentation link