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No world articles for ClusterWorlds

This template list in a navigation box lists all of the worlds gathered together in a category specifically for noting Traces, Clusters, Mains, Surveys, and other astrographic grouping of systems. The category is assumed to be named <NAME>_worlds to indicate which worlds are within the group.

If the template is to be included in the article about the grouping, such that the category is simply the article name with "_worlds" appended (the recommended practice), no parameters are required.

For example, the Spinward Marches Sector contains a grouping of worlds called Dodds Cluster. There is a category Category:Dodds Cluster worlds.

If the template is in another article, or the naming convention wasn't followed, include the name of the primary article (e.g. "Dodds Cluster") as the first parameter. For example {{ClusterWorlds|Dodds Cluster}}.

This requires the #dpl (DynamicPageList) parser function