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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Telekinesis allows objects to be manipulated without physically touching them. Telekinetic power is classified by the weight in grams that the person can manipulate.

Any manipulation is treated as if the person were physically handling the item, but physical danger, pain, or other stimuli are not present. Telekinesis includes a limited amount of sensory awareness sufficient to allow intelligent manipulation. (It is {apparently} like holding an item with your eyes shut).

The usual mass ranges are < 100 grams, 10Kg, 100Kg, 1000Kg, this is for normal lifting or manipulation; throwing can be done with double the effort. Note that most sophonts mass less than 100 kilograms, a telekinetic with this weight can levitate. Gravity differences do not alter the mass which can be manipulated.

Telekinesis is closely related to Microkinesis[1] and Pyrokinesis[1].

Telekinesis-derived Psionic Powers[edit]

Non-canon: Some special psionic abilities in the Telekinesis (Nonphysical object, energy, or force manipulation) family include:

  • Thermokinesis, the ability to manipulate the temperature of objects[2].
    • Cryokinesis, the ability to spontaneously cause freezing[2].
    • Pyrokinesis, the ability to spontaneously cause heating[1].
  • Electrokinesis, the ability to spontaneously manipulate various types of electromagnetic energy[3].
  • Luminokinesis, the ability to spontaneously manipulate various types of electromagnetic energy[4].
  • Psycho-energeia, the ability to create and project force fields.
  • Psycho-graphy, the ability to produce written words without consciously writing.
  • Psycho-kairos, the ability to affect the weather through paranormal means.
  • Pyscho-kinesis, the ability to perform an assault on inanimate objects.
  • Temporal Manipulation, the ability to manipulate the passage of time[5]
    • Psycho-stasis, the ability to put an object or living being into a state of temporal suspension.
  • Quanta-kinesis, the ability to manipulate the nuclear forces of the universe.
    • Trans-mutation, also known as psycho-trans-mutation, the ability to change one form of matter into another.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Third Imperium[edit]

The use of Telekinesis within the Third Imperium was illegal from the Psionic Suppressions until the formation of the Regency.

Zhodani Consulate[edit]

Telekinesis is one of the skills celebrated in the Psionic Games.

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