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Technology level 3 is the fourth of the Technology level classifications. The defining characteristics of a society having reached TL–3 is industrialization. The development of the external combustion engine, a steam engine, combined with the ability to use machines to work metal and other materials drives all manner of new industries of mass production and manufacturing.

The availability of new power sources for mass production and transportation drives an enormous shift in cultures. Rarely is this transition easy or quiet.

In terms of classification TL–3 is the Technological Period of Ur-Tech, the initial planetary bound cycle of development. It also occurs within the Technological Epoch know as the Tool Making Epoch.

Theoretical Technologies

Physical Science
Laws of motion
Engineering by math
Material Science / Manufacturing
Steel as structural material - Large scale production of steel allow use as a structural material for railroads, ship building, and structures.
Biological Science
Theory of evolution
Germ theory of disease - A fundamental understanding of how to treat and prevent diseases.
Cultural Science
Democracy - The idea of people being able to decided both who will rule them, and the laws under which they will live.

Quality of Life Technologies

Steam engines - An external combustion engine.
Primitive batteries - Chemistry to produce electricity.
Newspapers - Wide spread printed news and information.
Libraries - Collections of books cataloged for easy retrieval
Photography - Chemistry to permanently capture images
Telegraphy - Use of electricity to transmit information over copper lines.
Medicine / Life sciences
Surgery -
Cement structures - The ability to construct reinforced concrete structures of impressive size, including buildings, dams, and other constructions.

Transportation Technologies

Land transportation
Extensive roads - The desire for transportation over land drive the ability to construct road for smoother travel.
Railroads - The construction of steam powered trains running on steel rails.
Steam powered ships
Hot air balloons

Military Technologies

Weapon developments are largely refinements of TL–2 designs, including such features as rifled barrels and elongated projectiles for accuracy and ballistic performance, early experimentation with impact-sensitive compounds as propellant igniters, very crude telescopic sights, and repeating weapons such as revolvers.

By the latter half of this period, almost every soldier would have a rifled single shot muzzle-loading weapon, with a detachable bayonet for melee use if there was insufficient time to reload. Artillery science is slightly more advanced, and crude exploding projectiles are in use by the end of tech level 3, as are are occasionally seen, but are generally inaccurate. They have the advantage of being able to carry a long range explosive payload without the recoil and mass of a regular cannon.[1]

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