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This page presents information of the Classic Traveller boxed module Tarsus, set in the Spinward Marches

World beyond the Frontier
Author Marc MillerLoren Wiseman
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Game (Boxed Module)
Language English
Pages 24
Year Published 1983
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Datanet
Product #252

Tarsus is a Game Designers Workshop product.

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  1. Tarsus (SM 1138) (world) - Tarsus/District 268 (Spinward Marches 1138)
  2. Tarsus (SR 1136) (world) - Tarsus/Capella (Solomani Rim 1136)

Description (Specifications)

The X-Boat message finally caught up with you. After months in transit across the parsecs, the letter has arrived - to say that your father is in trouble, needs your help, needs you home.

Home is Tarsus, a colonial world beyond the frontiers of the Imperium. Its environment is tolerable enough around the equator, many locations are even suitable for agriculture. But towards the poles, temperatures range from -50º to +75º C in the course of each local ninety-day year. No one visits those uninhabitable wastes. As you read the letter, memories of your homeworld's sprawling ranches, impassable tanglewalds, high mountain peaks, and scattered farms seem dim after your many years away. But the call of family is strong, and now you are homeward bound.

The fierce war which raged through this sector is now over, and troops are being mustered out. A band of loyal companions, veterans like yourself, has decided to accompany you. Some of them are in search of adventure, others seek wealth or power. You will need their skills and experience in your dealings with the unknown trouble you will face on Tarsus.

When a game takes in the entire universe it's easy to forget how large and complex even a single system can be. Tarsus is a demonstration of how much scope for adventure one planet, described in detail, can provide. Included in this module for Starter Traveller, in addition to descriptions and details, are adventures for player-characters to undertake, but they by no means exhaust the possibilities of the background contained in this module.

Scenario Sheets

  1. Openings
  2. Nobble Ranch
  3. SuSAG
  4. The People of the Forest
  5. Endgames

Game Components

This box contains the following game components:

  • World Map of Tarsus
  • Subsector Map of District 268
  • Detail Map of the Tanglewald
  • Twelve Character Cards
  • Tarsus World Data Reference Book (24 pages)
  • Referee Scenario Sheets (5 x 4 sheets)

Table of Contents

Section Page/s
Introduction 2
The Tarsus System 4
World Data 5
Life Forms of Tarsus 9
World History 11
Government of Tarsus 16
The Military of Tarsus 18
Available Equipment 19
Library Data 20
Tables 12-13, 24

Library Data Entries (Public)

  1. Ag Worlds Combine
  2. Datanet
  3. First Survey
  4. Frontier Wars
  5. Nobble
  6. SuSAG
  7. Tanglewald

Library Data Entries (Automated)

Library data entries

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)

This game came out in several different editions with different packaging.

Credits (Primary Sources)

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Marc Miller and Loren Wiseman
Box Illustration David Deitrick

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