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The Corridor Sector/data listing has a system in hex 0301 that isn't on the map. Ironically it is called Overlook! Rancke (talk) 12:46, 18 January 2014 (EST)

The summary of this subsector has references to the Lancian Cultural region. They are wholly inappropriate. This should refer to the main Imperium. BackworldTraveller 06 May 2020

The subsector description notes that the virus was first seen in 1133, but no world in the subsector has any reference to a Virus attack before 1137. BackworldTraveller 06 May 2020

The Year 0 data for the sector shows Serk with the largest population yet there is nothing in the subsector history showing how Serk lost 99% of that population (mostly Vilani). Similarly Rrev Rigr has lost billions from its population (mostly Vilani) and yet there is also nothing noted despite the world now being Vargr populated. Presumably this is because of something in the Vargr Campaigns where something/someone, somehow wiped these populations out? BackworldTraveller 06 May 2020