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Notes (2019)[edit]

Ronald B. Kline, Jr. (talk) 16:33, 3 October 2019 (EDT). There are certain fields on these templates that I can't edit to fill in the correct values, like agility at the top

Thank you, sir.

  • Your user page has the template:
  • If you have some time sometime, we can do a phone call and I can run you though how to do it point by point, answering all of your questions.
  • Or Ade could do it for you too. Make it easy for you because we appreciate you sharing so much with the wiki.
  • I will update the template for you later.
  • Here are the guidelines and instructions, just in case: Template:InfoboxShip/doc
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 16:43, 3 October 2019 (EDT)