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This does not make sense. (I think the source material may be incorrect).

First the odds that the year is evenly divisible by days is unlikely.

If a Trakeek is 25.8 seconds, then a krix'leeka (1000 Trakeek) is 7.17 hours, 4 of these, a kritur (day) is thus 28.67 hours or 28.7 not 28.6 as the article states.

Working the numbers the other way, 28.6 hours, or 102960 seconds divided by 4000 gives a Trakeek of 25.74 (or 25.7 seconds), so one of these numbers is off slightly.

Dcorrin 13:04, 28 May 2007 (UTC)

I'm thinking you are right, the source material is wrong, and the values are rounded the wrong way. AR2 simply copies the table from AM2, so we have no other references. AM2 states the Krix'leeka is about 7.2 hours
I'm guessing that since Kirur has little axial tilt (hence no real seasons), that if the calendar gained or lost a day every few years, the K'kree wouldn't care much.
Tjoneslo 14:10, 28 May 2007 (UTC)