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Old Materials (2016)

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The Deneb sector is an area of great significance. As the major thoroughfare from the Imperial Core to the Spinward Marches and the rest of the frontier, it sees a large amount of traffic in both directions. Containing the advance defenses of the realm (after the Marches, of course), it has not seen a major war itself in its entire history. Home to one of the brightest stars in the galaxy, it is an area of wonder, beauty, travel, and fortune.

Notes (2007)

Courtesy of John G. Wood on his website:

Worlds Peter Gray has provided New Era articles on many worlds; only official TML Landgrabs are listed here. In addition, I have been detailing the rimward half of Pretoria subsector for JTAS; subscribers can view the L'sis Main campaign setting.

Detailed Descriptions:

  • Catacomb (Deneb 2234)Sulliji (JTAS contact article by Paul Drye); RS 63
  • Deneb (Deneb 1925)TML landgrab by Peter Gray; MTJ "3.97," 4.103; RS 62; Mora Year 100 (JTAS campaign setting by Hans Rancke-Madsen)
  • Depot (Deneb 1613)JTAS campaign "setting," Part I and Part II by Terry Carlino; RS 56
  • Enaaka (Deneb 203)MTJ 1.31-41; RS 52
  • Ghatsokie (Deneb 902)MTJ 3.34-39; RS 53
  • Horizon (Deneb 310)In progress for submission to JTAS
  • Jonkeer (Deneb 1324)TD 19.26; MTJ 3.90-95; RS 60
  • Karst (Deneb 1814)TML landgrab by Peter Gray
  • Magash (Deneb 316)JTAS campaign setting and TML landgrab by Terry Carlino
  • Musayid (Deneb 214)JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
  • Rubrak (Deneb 207)JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
  • Shen-Yang (Deneb 727)TML landgrab by Peter Gray
  • Vincennes (Deneb 1122)TML landgrab by Stephen Tempest; MTJ 3.4-17; RS 61

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