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Notes (2007)

Courtesy of John G. Wood on his website:

Worlds Peter Gray has provided New Era articles on many worlds; only official TML Landgrabs are listed here. In addition, I have been detailing the rimward half of Pretoria subsector for JTAS; subscribers can view the L'sis Main campaign setting.

Detailed Descriptions:

  • Catacomb (Deneb 2234)Sulliji (JTAS contact article by Paul Drye); RS 63
  • Deneb (Deneb 1925)TML landgrab by Peter Gray; MTJ "3.97," 4.103; RS 62; Mora Year 100 (JTAS campaign setting by Hans Rancke-Madsen)
  • Depot (Deneb 1613)JTAS campaign "setting," Part I and Part II by Terry Carlino; RS 56
  • Enaaka (Deneb 203)MTJ 1.31-41; RS 52
  • Ghatsokie (Deneb 902)MTJ 3.34-39; RS 53
  • Horizon (Deneb 310)In progress for submission to JTAS
  • Jonkeer (Deneb 1324)TD 19.26; MTJ 3.90-95; RS 60
  • Karst (Deneb 1814)TML landgrab by Peter Gray
  • Magash (Deneb 316)JTAS campaign setting and TML landgrab by Terry Carlino
  • Musayid (Deneb 214)JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
  • Rubrak (Deneb 207)JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
  • Shen-Yang (Deneb 727)TML landgrab by Peter Gray
  • Vincennes (Deneb 1122)TML landgrab by Stephen Tempest; MTJ 3.4-17; RS 61

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