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Notes (2015)

User:Tjoneslo, when I see strange code, I leave it alone, not knowing exactly what it does. For code that you have instructed me upon, such as "SectorWorlds", I fix it. Please let me know what the latest code is for pages like this and I will fix it as you have directed.

In the {{SectorWorld2}}, there may be two weird outputs:
A red link to "Template:World.dpl.default". This means the article does not have a {{World}} template in it. To fix this you need to make sure the article has a correctly formatted template in it.
A double name. This mean the article has two (or more) instances of a {{World}} template. Other than the name of the world in the UWP template, all references to other worlds should use the {{WorldS}} template, especially in articles about worlds.
For the {{InfoboxSector}} there is a parameter "worlds". Setting this to any value has the infobox include a "SectorWorlds2" template in the right hand box. This visually looks OK for a small number of worlds, but looks terrible (a large wall of text) for larger numbers. Number of worlds here means number of world in the sector which have pages. My rule of thumb has been when the number of pages gets between 75 and 100, to remove the "worlds" parameter from the infobox and add the {{SectorWorlds2}} template to the page. But only one or the other, never have both.
Does that answer your question?
Tjoneslo (talk) 07:40, 12 June 2015 (EDT)

Yes, Tjoneslo, thank you. I am now troubleshooting Daibai Sector trying to get all the number counts and coding correct.

Tjoneslo, I can still only get 452 out of 453 worlds to show up in the SectorWorlds2 box. Can you help? All of the subsectors show full up so I have no idea what is missing... Except Edge subsector, which doesn't work with SectorWorlds2 anyway.

The missing world was Antioch. Looking at that page, Daibei was spelt wrong in the World Template in the UWP box. It shows up now.

Thank you very much.