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Individual Survival Kit
Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr4,000
Size 30 liters
Weight 23 kg

A Survival Kit is a handy portable container holding a variety of emergency equipment. A ship's Emergency Locker contains an almost identical assortment of tools, equipment, and supplies. Imperial safety regulations require that one survival kit be carried for each passenger aboard all starships.

Each kit contains:

Filter Respirator Combination
One per kit, Negligible wt.
Eight half-liter cans of distilled water. 5kg.
A thirty day supply of dietary supplements and food concentrates for one person. 1.5kg.
Cold-Light Sticks
30 tubes, when flexed they give off a soft light for 24 hours. The light cannot be turned off once started. 0.3kg.
A combination long range radio (500 km) and signaling transponder. One per kit. 1.5kg.
4 per kit. Signaling devices which, when activated, emit a colored smoke and bright light for 15 minutes. 1 kg.
Rifle, Survival
A light-weight rifle which disassembles into three basic components: barrel, action, and hollow stock in which the other two may be stored. A five round magazine inserts into the rifle, forward of the trigger guard, and one round is fired per pull of the trigger. The weapon comes with 500 rounds of ammunition. 2.5kg (including ammunition).
2mm diameter x 300 m length, suitable for snares, and so on.
1 cm diameter x 50 m length, suitable for climbing and so on.
Grappling Hook
A lightweight three-pronged hook, used in climbing, when attached to a rope.
Climbing Spikes & Hammer
24 lightweight metal spikes for climbing steep rock faces, and a hammer for driving them in. Cord, rope, hook, spikes, hammer: 1.5 kg.
Used in cutting vegetation to clear a path, campsite, etc. 0.35kg.
1 kg.
A loose fitting garment with facemask, gloves, and hood which can be used with a battery-operated heat pump to provide protection from all but the most extreme conditions of heat and cold.
Heat Pump
Used with the above. When activated, the self-contained battery is good for an average 30 days continuous operation. The heat pump can also be used to heat or cool a shelter, such as a tent or small cave, but its duration is reduced considerably. Suit and pump: 2 kg.
Water Purification Equipment
A small distilling apparatus, filters, and chemical purification tablets, capable of removing harmful components from water and rendering it potable. 1 kg.
An inflatable raft capable of keeping one person (or 120 kgs) afloat in water. 0.5kg.
A compass, fishhooks and line, matches, etc. Negligible weight.
Survival Manual
A hand held portable microfilm reader with self-contained instructions for survival under many adverse conditions. 0.1 kg.
Carrying Case
50 x 40 x 15 cm. 0.1 kg. Total kit weight is 23 kilograms.
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